October 14, 2010

Some flowers bloomed last night

Some of you might have seen the new pattern that I got yesterday. I was having a hard time deciding which one to do first. I finally decided to just pick something right away and get something done tonight. So this is what I got done last night. I just have to sew around the 40 little circles. I thought that I might start to make one for me and make another one to try to sell. I got to thinking that most of the time I buy alot more fabric for a project than I need. I thought that I would be able to make two of these basket blocks out of the scraps of wool that I bought yesterday. I am not sure if I could sell one or not but I thought it might be fun to try. I don't know much about etsy. I need to look into it and see how that works. I have so much in my stash and collections that I think it would be fun to make some extra money to start paying off some bills. I was reading an interesting post the other day. She buys things at the thrift stores etc. and sells them on ebay and makes out pretty well. I find alot of neat things at the thrift stores and I am starting to run out of walls to decorate. lol. Maybe I should try this selling thing. Does anyone do this? I could use some info. Hope everyone is having a great night.


  1. Wow, very pretty. Those little circles look like they may take a while to do.

  2. That is the cutest thing ever, Lisa! I love doing applique- I think it is so neat.
    I have an ETSY shop (although there isn't anything in it for sale right now...) and they have very reasonable selling rates- I think much better than ebay. You should give it a try!


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