November 17, 2010

Some Thanksgiving Preparations

Well.....There has been a change in plans. Don't you love change?.... I was planning on making placemats for under my new cream plates..... The plan...take the brown material and put it in the handi -quilter and do a simple stipple pattern and then cut it into placemats. So last night in the handi -quilter it went and when I was done....I didn't like it. So...needless to say I went to bed a little discouraged. Now what....So this morning I got some of my everyday dishes out of the cupboard and used them as a charger. It helped to make the cream dishes stand out on the cream tablecloth. I had found these cute little yellow plates tuesday night at the thrift store. They were 25 cents each. woo hoo!

I only have three green and three yellow dishes from my everyday set as chargers. So now we have 3 sets like the above set and 3 like the set below.

I went to Joann Fabrics for something to make some napkins out of and couldn't come up with anything inexpensive so.... off to the other thrift store this morning. I was able to find a table cloth for 2.00. I decided to make them out of it.

Here are the six napkins and I even had enough left over for a small tablecloth to put on the dessert table. yay.

Now I am off to work on the napkin rings. I want to try to make some cloth acorns out of wool and I collected some real acorn caps to put on them. Wish me luck.


  1. Busy girl. Your table is going to look so festive for Thanksgiving.

  2. Wow- Marthat Stewart LOOK OUT!! *LOL*
    Lisa, you are going to have the most beautiful Thanksgiving table in the land!


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