November 14, 2010

Thrift store finds

The plan---find some new plates for our thanksgiving dinner. We will need six plates. I was hoping to find some plain cream color plates and a fall type plate to sit on top. Here is what I found. What do you think. I got 4 salad/dessert type Fall plates for 2.00. I was only able to find 5 cream color plates but they were exactly what I was looking for. They were 2.50 for 5.

Since I still needed one more I went to the goodwill store and thought I would check their selection. What do you know. I found a plate the same shade the same size and the same shape for a dollar. It doesn't have the design but beggers can't be choosers. right?

The first store also had these two small bowl with the same type of design. They were .90 for both.
A few days earlier I had gone to another thrift store and found this 3 tier basket/stand thing. I just love it. It looks distressed. I love it. $3.00. By the way don't mind the mess of things all over my table. I was trying out different centerpieces and still have a mess all over.

I also found these pyrex bowls. They are in good condition. I got both for $4.00. I don't know if that was a good deal. It seemed like it was but I don't usually buy pyrex . We will see. I also liked the fern that is just behind the bowls.

I found this little welcome lite for a dollar. I plan on putting it in the window of our shed out by the pond.

Last but not least I found this canister/decanter thingy. I just love it. I plan to put my iced tea in it for thanksgiving.
Well now the only decision I have to make is what to do with the table. I have a quilt that I made into a table covering. I wish I had taken a better picture of it. You can see the table a little better in the pics above. I also have this piece of brown fabric that I found at the thrift store for a couple dollars. I need to decide if I should keep it one piece as it is now or should I make placemats. I think I would have enough to make 8. I thought I could quilt the placemats and then bind them with a fall color. I like to get the tablescape stuff done early other wise I run out of time. If I don't make up my mind I still might run out of time.
I hope you had a nice weekend. See you soon.


  1. Lisa, I LOVE the fall plates and cream plates. They look beautiful together. What great prices you got too. I think the one from goodwill will work perfectly. Love the bowls too. The lovely 3 tier piece is my favorite. I just know your Thanksgiving table is going to be beautiful.
    Amy :)

  2. Look at the treasures you have found! The plates all work so well together. I really love the container for iced-tea. Perfect :)

  3. Lisa ~
    Your plates all look great together. I love mismatched table settings. Please be sure to share your table when you've gotten it done.
    Pug hugs :)

  4. Lisa,
    You had a very productive shopping trip. I love all your goodies. That 3 tier basket thingy is awesome. You could do all kinds of different things with it.

  5. Wow, Lisa- you found some wonderful deals!! I love those leaf plates- the colors are wonderful. And the iced tea jar is great- I would love to have something that big to keep my tea in! You got a great deal in those pyrex bowls- people want a war pension for those at flea markets and yard sales around here. I can't wait to see what you do with the three tier basket!


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