December 15, 2010

The Living Room

Here is the beginning of the living room tour. This is the little grouping behind the loveseat. The little house was a gift from my brother and his girlfriend. I have it all sitting on my late grandmother's ironing board.
The little face on this snowman makes me smile everytime I look at him. I wish the picture was alittle clearer.

Here is the big tree in the living room. I have all snowman ornaments on this one. I wanted something alittle different this year so I added some hydrangeas and baskets.

I purchased a snowman ornament like this one and decided to make more myself. Very easy.

I found these little snowmen at the thrift store. I think I should write our names on them. I found the little blue balls at the thrift store( 75cents for all)

This too was copied from an ornament that I purchased then made more myself.

The pile of snowballs was made from styrofoam balls, sand and some patience. I hope you have enjoyed the tour. I will continue the rest of the room next time. Lisa


  1. What a lovely and cozy home you have. I love your blog banner...YES, nice matters!

  2. Lisa, I love this room too. That little scene on the ironing board--my favorite-it’s so cute and simple. The tree is gorgeous. I love snowmen too. Your ornaments are great and the snowball pile is so fun!

  3. Lisa ~
    LOVE your snowman tree :)

  4. Lisa, your tree is gorgeous! I love the wintery blue theme- so very pretty. And the little snowman made me smile too- he has the sweetest face I've ever seen!

  5. Lisa, I tried leaving a comment on the last post but for some reason the comment window isn't popping up... just wanted to tell you the quilt you made is so pretty! And I love all your prim things and how you've decorated!


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