December 12, 2010

Today was wonderful

Today was a day of celebration with family and friends. I was so afraid that the threat of bad weather would keep everyone away......however, we had a great turn out. Today we had a birthday party for Larry and I. My birthday was on friday and his is tomorrow. What better excuse to have people over right? Everyone brought great food to share and we had a very memorable day. I of course forgot to take pictures...the camera was even out and on the table. I just don't know if I will ever get better at this. I am pretty sure I come by it genetically. My mom is the same But since it just isn't a fun post without some pictures.....Here is some pictures of the tree in the dinning room.
I was trying to decide what to use for a topper and thought of this pillow that was moved out of the room to make room for the Christmas stuff.
I didn't have enough ornaments so I raided my basement. I just love baskets. This one with the greenish blue was a gift from my friend Maribeth. It is a Boyd's Bear Basket. I didn't even know they did baskets.

It still needed something so I took apart an arrangement of dried yarrow and put it in the tree.

I grabbed a few birdhouses and called it a day.

Just thought I would throw one in of our "little man" He just can't get close enough to Larry. Larry has such patience.

I hope you all had as good of a day as we have had. Try to stay warm......Lisa


  1. LIsa, your home is absolutely picture perfect. That tree is so cute. I love everything on it and your You have such an eye and I like it!
    Amy :)

  2. Lisa ~
    Oh, I love how you've done the dining room table with the crocks ~ very sweet. Your tree is also adorable.
    LOVE the picture of the little man with Larry.
    I hope the weather in Ohio doesn't get as bad as they are predicting!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you and Larry!
    Hugs :)

  3. Happy Birthday to you both!! We celebrated our little Luci's birthday all day today!!! Christmas birthdays have to be made special or else they get lost in all the commotion! Tree looks great ~ you're very good at such things!!!

  4. Your little tree is just perfect. Happy Birthday to you and Larry. Its great you celebrated with style.

  5. So glad you had a wonderful day! A very happy birthday to you both. Love your tree and that cute puppy! :)


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