December 16, 2010

A few more pictures

Here is Maddee sniffing around the outhouse. This is a shed that Larry and I made out of old wood from a real two seater.
This is outside the back door.

I was able to make swags for all my windows this year. I found the ribbon at the thrift store for 3.oo. I was planning on buying some of the garland that they had. It was 3.00 a piece. I would have had to buy quite a few and just didn't want to spend too much money so.....I went home. I was mad at myself because now I had ribbon but no garland or greenery. I was almost home...kicking myself the whole way when I happened to see something on the curb. It was a rubbermaid tub with a pole sticking out. I turned the car around...What did I find? A huge christmas tree. Jackpot. Now I had to get this huge thing in my car.
I used some old pinecones and some various evergreens that I had on hand. I was happy with the way they turned out. I figured out that I had made 6 swags for the windows, two swags for the gates for our fence, 1 on the outhouse all for under 10.00. I used the tree branches for the dining room table all over the house and I still have more in the rubbermaid tub. That must have bee a huge tree.

this is the other side of the back doors. Look more branches.

Here is a shot of Carlee with one of my birthday balloons. She will roll it around till she can grab the tied end. She carries it all over the house. I just love her. Hope you are having a nice evening!


  1. Oh Carlee is precious--now that is a great shot. That tree was an incredible find. How lucky. Everything looks so pretty and you can’t beat fresh evergreen. Love it!

  2. I love your swags you made. Just makes your windows look so Christmasy and inviting I'm sure.

  3. Wow I love your outdoor decor! You hit the jackpot. And Carly is adorable!!

  4. I can't believe your luck, Lisa- if I had opened that box a big ol' critter would have probably jumped out at me and I would have died right there on the side of the road! *LOL*
    I love your shed/outhouse... that is so cute. You even have it decorated- you put me to shame!! *grin*

  5. Hey Lisa, your decorations look wonderful! What a great find for you, and look how much you got from it. Amazing :).
    Thanks for posting on my blog, and the answer to your question about Linda's shop... it's not in her home, but she does live around the corner from it lol. The building actually is the main business that her husband has. It's called Great War Militaria, and Linda sews upstairs for him. She sews WW1 clothing for his orders. That is one small room, and the wool shop is connected to that. sorry to make this post so long!


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