September 30, 2010

Need Rug Hooking Advise please

So here it the new project. This is my new Camera case with room for my wallet and essentials.
This is the swan I drew out last night. The plan is to cover the ugle wood top to the basket.

Here are some of the colors I took out of my "Little" stash. Lite blue for the sky, couple creams for the swan, black for eye and beak, and three blues ( one didn't show up very well) The advise comes with how do you make pretty water/waves? I have seen you all use numerous colors all together. How do you plan it? I hope this is making sense. I would appreciate any advise. I also am wondering how I will treat the edge. Has anyone ever sewn fabric on and turned a rug?
I hope I don't make too many mistakes at work today... I think my mind might be on something else rather than work. Thanks.

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  1. Water and sky are so stressful for me. I have tried several different ways but I am never happy with it. Rug Hooking Daily is a great resource with lots of great photos of others work. When I am stumped, thats where I look for inspiration.


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